Two volunteer positions available, read more below and apply!

Social Media Coordinator

Curate and manage Mahila Partnership social media activities, analyzing and prescribing next steps for achieving internal social media goals

Mahila Partnership is looking to create a social media strategy that evolves with our organization. We are looking for an individual who can support our fundraising campaigns and programs through social media and other electronic communication efforts. We wish to grow and streamline our audience to include donors, potential donors, and potential partners, honing in on a defined niche that interacts frequently with our campaigns. Apply here!

Fundraising Coordinator

Introduce potential donors to our projects and communities; design, create, implement, and measure successful fundraisers to further our organizational goals

Mahila Partnership is looking for a passionate, community-driven individual with successful online fundraising experience to assist our organization in building a solid foundation of financial supporters. Our goal is to host not just one-time fundraisers for specific campaigns but to build a strong group of individuals who consistently support Mahila Partnership programs, allowing us the opportunity to scale to more communities and hire staff for much-needed positions.  Apply here!

Invite your best friends over, open some wine and talk about changing women’s lives. Click to download a GNI package and start planning!

Set up your very own page where you can promote the Mahila Project near and dear to your heart. Friends and family can donate to support your dream of changing women’s lives. Click to launch your own campaign.


Do you have amazing leadership skills? Are you passionate about investing in women? Do you want to help design and carry out our projects?

We'd love to have you on our team [we are a 100% volunteer org], click to volunteer now!